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Investing with PrimeTrust IRA

Please begin by following PrimeTrust's guide to create and fund your new PrimeTrust IRA account.

Then follow this step-by-step guide to create an account on our Flora investment portal and finish your investment using the details from your new PrimeTrust IRA acccount.
  1. Please create a new PrimeIRA account at https://issuance.primeira.us.

    You will not be able to proceed with an IRA investment in Flora Growth until you complete this step. You will use the information from your new PrimeTrust IRA account to continue on the Flora Growth Investment Portal to complete your investment.

  2. Once you have created and funded your PrimeIRA account, we must create a new investment on Flora Growth's secure investment portal. Start by going to the main offering page at https://investflora.com/ and click "Invest Now"

  3. If you are a new investor, create an account by entering your email and desired password. Otherwise login through the below "Log In" button to get started:

  4. After entering your personal information and selecting an investment amount, on the investment type selection screen, please select "Other"; then "Self-Directed IRA or 401(k)" and "I have an IRA Account":

  5. After selecting the IRA investment type, on the next screen please select "I am a US citizen, US Resident, or other US Person" and "I am exempt from backup withholding" (or whichever choices represent your situation) then click "Next".

  6. Next, you will enter details about your IRA provider (not your personal details).

    For the IRA Account Name, enter yours using the following pattern: PT (Name of Owner) [Type of IRA] IRA, use "81-2236823" as the IRA Company EIN, "United States" as the country, and "NV" as the state, then click "Next":

  7. Enter “PrimeTrust" as the IRA company name, "ira@primetrust.com" as the contact email, and "702-840-4000" as the contact phone number and click "Next":

  8. Enter "330 S Rampart Blvd, Ste #260, Las Vegas, NV 89145" as the Retirement Account IRA address and click "Next":

  9. Select 'Wire Transfer" as the method of payment and click "Next":

  10. Almost there! Review your investment details and select "Confirm":

  11. After carefully reviewing the deal documents, type your full legal name to e-sign and click "Sign Agreements":

  12. Congratulations! Your commitment is now confirmed. You will receive an email with payment instructions. Forward the payment instructions (via email) to your IRA provider for them to send payment.

    Your IRA provider must send the payment on your behalf.

    Should you need any help at all, don't hesitate to contact PrimeTrust's team at (702) 840-4000 or support@primetrust.com.

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